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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Should any parent decide online classes are not suitable for their child after the completion of their second lesson, we will unconditionally credit back those two lessons.


Class Suspension (From Feb 17th to Mar 2nd, 2020)

All regular Monkey Tree classes will remain further suspended until Mar 2nd, 2020.  Please be reminded that we have uploaded a significant amount of free learning resources that is available for the public to download for learning at home on our newly created website at

Our centers will however remain open during regular hours for inquiries during this time. We will continually re-evaluating the situation and will provide updates whenever we can. 

Online Teaching Availability (Exteneded until Mar 31st, 2020) 

Online lesson availability has been extended until at least Mar 31st, 2020.

Should students wish to make-up their lessons during this suspended period, please contact your center representative for details. 

With the closure of schools, it doesn’t mean teaching and learning need to stop. Many parents are hoping that lessons will continue in some form during this critical time – especially considering regular school classes have already been suspended with the above mentioned , we have decided to make our English classes available online via Skype.  Although online learning is slightly different from the traditional model, it is still an excellent platform for children to be interacting with teachers and students, and it will allow them to remain in a protected environment while doing so.

Scheduling and Class Arrangements  

In order to ensure a smooth transition, we will be maintaining the regular schedule that you and your children are accustomed to. With the exception of our Phonics program, the maximum capacity for all of our classes will be reduced to four; due to the large volume of students enrolled on our phonics courses, the capacity for these classes will remain at five. Parents that would like their children to participate in the online English classes, contact their center representatives as early as possible in order to ensure a secure place.  All other regular policies apply. 

Tuition Arrangement

For students who have already paid their February tuition and do not wish to attend any online or in person classes, the full amounts paid will remain in credit until Mar 31st, 2020.  Meanwhile, a 20% discount will be applied to all tuition for the month of February should students take online lessons via Skype.  Students that have already paid their tuition for February and wish to attend online classes, 20% of their total tuition will be credited back for the month of March.

Membership Extension

Unfortunately, Monkey Tree confirmed the Membership Eligibility Scheme criteria on January 10th, 2020, before anyone was aware of the scale and severity of the outbreak. It is certainly not our intention to pressure parents during this outbreak and we do not want the membership eligibility scheme to be a factor in parent’s decision. Therefore, we will be extending the Membership Eligibility Scheme until February 29th, 2020, giving all parents an equal opportunity to capitalize on it.  For Program details, please check our website or call your center representatives. 

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